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Geisys Ventures is here to help you with your R&D or Product Development process. Whether it is aligning your technical and commercial organizations, or helping to define and invent "the next big thing". We are here to help you on your journey.

Our staff has significant experience inventing and bringing products to market, streamlining processes, and building teams to deliver the results you ned to grow your business.

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Geisys Ventures Services

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Brainstorming Session

Introductory Consultation

Our first discussion will help assess your technology and innovation needs.

Whether it is jumpstarting a lagging innovation pipeline, or technical help to invent the next big thing, we work together with our clients to provide essential services to create value for your business.

Textile industry - yarn spools on spinni


Broad textile expertise can be difficult to find. Geisys Ventures has technical experience throughout the supply chain from synthetic fiber production all the way to cut and sew operations. Let us help you navigate the complex technical interactions and international opportunities in the textile and apparel world.

Blow Film machine. It is make a plastic


Whether you are looking for improved performance, cost reduction, or more sustainable materials, Geisys Ventures has you covered. Our plastics expertise cuts across markets and can provide you unique problem solving insights from outside your core competencies.

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