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About Us

Geisys Ventures was founded in 2014 to provide assistance to companies facing newfound competition and a need to innovate. Our mission is to generate new value in stagnant R&D and manufacturing organizations by utilizing cross-poliinated ideas from many different markets and technology categories.

We improve organizations through outsourced R&D, alignment of technology and market strategy, and streamlining the lab to market process for startups, small to medium sized enterprises, and multibillion dollar corporations.

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Kristoffer Stokes, PhD

Principal Scientist

Kristoffer has developed award winning products and generated commercialized IP in markets ranging from batteries, oil and gas field chemicals, textiles, apparel, composites, and consumer goods. Focusing on textile and plastics consulting, his ideas and advice have helped generate significant revenue across markets and disciplines.

He holds a PhD in organic chemistry from MIT, as well as BS and MS degrees from Carnegie Mellon University.

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