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steel mold for plastic products, close u

Technical Due Diligence

Identifying untapped value in technology and manufacturing processes

Geisys Ventures was asked to evaluate the technology, processes, and potential technical improvements of an injection molding company for a group of private investors.

Within two weeks, we toured and produced an evaluation of the company. The evaluation included the core technology, competitive products, and improvements to the equipment and manufacturing processes. The investor group used this information to identify unrealized value in the company and made an offer to purchase.

Voice of the Customer Acquisition and Analysis

New market identification and evaluation

Geisys Ventures was asked to perform voice of the customer (VOC) acquisition and analysis, for a multi-billion dollar chemical company. They wanted to identify potential markets and customer needs for a new product that was recently invented by their in-house R&D team.

Based on the breadth and depth of our network in the plastics industry, we identified several new markets for their material and helped identify key properties and tests to create useful application testing to validate their market hypotheses. 

This analysis provided two benefits to the client. First, we were able to identify potential applications that were clearly not cost competitive with incumbent materials. Second, through careful interactions with potential customers, we uncovered new niche applications that the company could reallocate resources for maximum efficacy.

Chemical Plant
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